The Art of Confident Living

October 24, 2011
By Bryan Robinson

The Art of Confident Living

Reclaim Your Life and Find Your Confident Self

Do you wake up feeling afraid of facing challenges, doubting yourself, going through the motions, and lacking a zest for life? The Art of Confident Living will help you break away from this painful lifestyle and understand why you feel this way, change your perspective, and find your Confident Self.

Bestselling author and psychotherapist Bryan Robinson, Ph.D., has revised his breakthrough book Heal Your Self-Esteem to reveal how to find the Confident Self that exists naturally in all of us. He shows you how to uncover this inner resource so that you can redirect the way you handle painful past experiences, insecurities, social interactions, and personal relationships. Through his 10 easy practices and new scientific research, you will discover how to keep the confidence you find and live a more fulfilling personal, professional, and social life. The Art of Confident Living helps you discover happiness through:

  • A quiz to help determine your self-confidence level—and how it most affects you
  • New techniques based on brain-chemistry research to help you achieve a higher level of confidence
  • Updated examples, new exercises, and case studies that illustrate productive, non-addictive behaviors that can lead you to a more self-fulfilling life

The Art of Confident Living is your guide to becoming confident, at peace, and turned on and tuned in to life.

Praise for The Art of Confident Living

“This step-by-step guide to a better Self will change your life in ways that will surprise and delight you! This can easily be the most important book you read!”

–Dr. Patricia Love, author of Never Be Lonely Again

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