High-Five Your “Tallcomings”

March 8, 2012
By Bryan Robinson

There’s a reason you won’t find the word, “tallcomings” in Wikipedia, but you’ll locate”shortcomings”there–meaning a character flaw. We ignore our positives and clobber ourselves with negatives. What about you? In a pinch, it’s difficult to access your own positivity if you can’t admit the truth about yourself. It’s important to recognize your limitations and failures, but don’t drop your head in your hands. It’s not as hopeless as you think. For an honest picture of who you are, it’s also important to balance your human shortcomings with your tallcomings. I’ll bet you bend over backwards to build up the ones you love. But do you give yourself equal treatment? Or do you go out of your way to bludgeon yourself with fault?

Why Name the Good Things?

Naming the good things about yourself helps you see more of who you are. You can overcome a lot of stress by affirming both your strong points and areas for improvement, by affirming your attributes and ability to overcome obstacles, and by treating yourself with the same kindness and consideration you give others.

Throw Modesty Out the Window

Try this exercise. Make a list of all your tallcomings. If you’re like most people, modesty or your inner critic will pop up like burnt toast and block you.  If this happens, just ask them to step aside and keep on going. Start each tallcoming with “I am…” For example, “I’m smart” or “I’m resourceful” or “I’m strong.” Make your list as comprehensive as you can. Be fair and honest. See your honest self-positivity as a way to broaden your scope of who you are and see the full range of possibilities you can make happen in your life. Every time you hear your mind underscore a shortcoming, take a deep breath and place a check mark alongside one of your tallcomings.

For More on High-Fiving Your “Tallcomings”

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