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Get It Right

Ten Misconceptions About Psychotherapy in Fiction There is no shortage of schools of thought about psychotherapy, but if what you know about psychotherapy comes from novels, you might have some misguided notions about what really goes on in a practicing …
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Stress-Proof Your Relationship: Love Your Partner’s Virtues AND Vices

I’ll never forget the day we met. Atlanta. 1970. Bell bottoms, peace symbols, and shoulder-length hair were the rage. Now, forty-two years later, what I still remember most about that first encounter are those emerald-green eyes; that witty, devil-may-care abandon; …
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Are You Loving as Much as You Could?

February is the month of love. A perfect time for you to ask yourself, “Am I truly loving the person I care about?” Chances are if you’re in an intimate relationship, you and your partner speak different “love languages.” No …
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Could Your Job Be Hazardous to Your Health?

When you think of high-risk jobs, it’s usually police officers, crane operators, and bomb defusers that come to mind. But even seemingly innocuous work environments—including home offices—can pose a health hazard. Most of us get swept up in the day-to-day …
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Enjoy the Season and Avoid the Holidaze

Holidays are supposed to be fun. Right? But they often turn into hectic instead of joyous times. Between shopping for gifts, attending parties, and planning family activities, there’s little time left to relax and enjoy the season. How often do …
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