Confidence Test

Are You Leading Your Life with Confidence?

Are you living out loud or below the radar? Are you a people pleaser? Do you question yourself? Do you waffle or fold under pressure? Are you driven by “should haves,” “what if’s,” and other self-defeating messages? Do you put others’ needs before your own, living your life for everyone but yourself? If so, confidence might be a no-show in your life. To find out, answer yes or no to each of the following questions:

How confident are you?

Do you seek approval from others through people pleasing?


Do you judge yourself harshly?


Do you resist change?


Would you trade your life for someone else’s?


Do you spend a lot of time getting upset or angry over things you can’t control?


Are you afraid to let other people close to you?


Do you waffle or fold under pressure?


Do you feel that you’re not enough and need someone or something to be complete?


Do you usually put your needs behind those of others?


Do you question your ability to do things?


Do you feel worthy of other people’s love?


Do you believe you can turn a bad situation into a good one most of the time?


Do you look on the bright side instead of the dark side in most situations?


Do you enjoy your own company?


Are you open to new ideas or different ways of doing things?


Do you expect the best out of most situations?


Do you believe in yourself?


Do you tend to praise yourself or give yourself pep talks?


Is it easy for you to express your true feelings?


Are you open minded?


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