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15 Prescriptions for Happiness

February 9, 2020
By Bryan Robinson

There are days when unhappiness can take up residence in your head and cast a large shadow, darkening your happiness. You step out of the water you’ve been swimming in, hold your life at arm’s length, and get a clearer vision from the riverbank on how happiness has eluded you. This allows you to take stock in 15 essential prescriptions that, though difficult to put into practice, comprise the prescription for the happy life you seek.

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When Your Lizard Brain Burns You Out and Short-Circuits Your Career

January 19, 2020
By Bryan Robinson

Your inbox slog overwhelms you. The colleague who fails to meet his part of the team’s deadline infuriates you. A coworker talks over you in a meeting and you seethe with anger. Your computer crashes, and you slam your fist. The morning commuter cuts you off in traffic, and you give him the finger. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. This is your lizard brain (also known as the reactive brain or survival brain) in action. We all get upset at work once in a while, but there comes a point when unbridled reactions can sabotage your career advancement.


‘Meditative Story’: Arianna Huffington And Deron Triff’s New Approach To Mindfulness

August 5, 2019
By Bryan Robinson

If you’re like most people, you spin a lot of plates on a daily basis, often skipping the present moment to get to the next item on your agenda. You hop in and out of the shower to get to work instead of being in the shower. You push through the traffic jam instead of being in the traffic jam. You multitask to get everything done in the office before calling it a day instead of being present with each task.

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