What is Your Stress Age?

You know your birthday, but do you know your stress age? The stress you’re under could be making you old before your time. Frazzled lifestyles, combined with your perception of stress and your unique way of dealing with it, create chemical changes in your body.

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Do you make time just for yourself and nobody else?


Are you easy on yourself when you make mistakes?


Are you usually patient when you have to wait or stand in line?


Do you live mostly in the present rather than worrying about the future?


Do you treat yourself with a positive regard, kindness and respect?


Do you get ample rest and exercise?


Can you relax and have a good time without always being on the go?


Are you good at saying no when you’re overloaded and someone asks you to do something?


Are you more happy-go-lucky than serious?


Do you usually stay calm, cool and collected when things fall apart or don’t go your way?


Is your life usually over-scheduled, inflexible and rushed?


Does it bother you when you’re not in control of a situation?


Are you frequently overwhelmed with everything on your plate?


Do you frequently eat junk food or grab a bite on the run?


Do you worry a lot while driving, falling asleep, or talking to others?


Do you get upset when people don’t meet your high standards?


Do you often have a short fuse?


Do little things set you off?


Do you feel tired much of the time?


Do you seek approval through people pleasing?


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